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Hi and welcome, I've created this blog to share with people how to make money or earn prizes for free on the Internet. Basically there are 2 different ways to begin depending on what your preference is.

  1. Check into Project Payday where you can learn from your very own mentor. This mentor will show you a step by step system using IFW's or Incetified Freebie Websites to earn cash and prizes. If nothing else I highly recommend you submit your name and email to get more info! Project Payday has been around for many years and has an A rating in the BBB.
  2. If you're not interested in joining the Project Payday community and you just want to go ahead jump in and sign up on a IFW to start earning cash or prizes on your own then you will either want to A: click on the Ride the Free Trainn button at the top of the blog and select one of the banners or B: go to the left hand side of the blog where you will see a list of links under the section called Favorite IFW's. I recommend deciding on one site to start with. Then once you've gotten your first prize select another site and repeat the process.
  3. *NEW* I do get a lot of International people asking me how they too can get free cash or prizes so this is for you! Without a doubt the easiest and best site to use is Apple.FreebieJeebies.Co.Uk. Here you can earn any Apple product imaginable whether its an ipod, ipad, iphone, apple tv, macbook, itunes voucher, even cash or amazon voucher!! So many choices and you only have to complete 1 simple offer then refer a few friends to receive your prize.

I will be happy to answer any questions that you have. I am available by Instant Messenger almost anytime of the day or you can send me an email by clicking the Email button at the top right hand side of my blog or fill out the little form on the Contact Me page.

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